Push notifications for anything.

Send Notifications From Anywhere

Pactola is an app that allows you to send notifications to your phone from desktop apps, home automation gadgets, or a website. The API is easy to integrate, and we even have some snippets ready for you to paste into your code.

Simple API

Sending notifications easy - just POST a notification message to the unique device ID. Here are a few examples to help get you started.

Command Line (curl)

PactolaKit (Objective-C)



Check out our Arduino sketch for sending notifications.

Device Playground

The device playground offers a place to quickly try different notifications and make sure things are working. Grab the device page from inside the app and try all of the notification options.

Sounds, Badges, URLs

Notifications can play a variety of sounds, launch URLs, or update the Pactola badge. Customize the notifications you send to help quickly differentiate the notifications you receive.

No Registration Required

Pactola uses a unique device identifier to deliver notifications. There are no usernames or passwords to keep track of - just launch the app and grab the URL.

You can request a new Device ID from inside the app at any time.